cPanel/WHM is one of the best Web Hosting panels in the market because of its feature rich interface and ease of access for standard users that would only want to manage the cPanel users, hosting plans and basic settings related related to server. For users who are Intermediate to Advance level skilled, they might find it restrictive to manage the server only using the settings available in WHM/cPanel.

Users like these are either managing server via SSH (Command Line) or using free or premium server management services. Today we will be talking about how to install Webmin on a Cent OS 7 server with WHM/cPanel already installed on the server.

The concern with regards to installing a server management script along with a web hosting panel that has some server management capabilities, is the risk of conflict between two different scripts conflicting each other as they might be using common services. To answer this, Webmin do not conflict with a clean cPanel/WHM install. Please note you do not need to manually install any other package/service except webmin and its dependencies. You also can not use Vitualmin as it would install services that already exist on the server and managed by WHM and as a result lead to conflicts

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