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Up2mark Technologies is a Ludhiana-based Best Website Designing and Development Company that also offers Digital Marketing Services related to Websites and Businesses. We provide clients the best digital marketing  as well as Search engine optimization services which leads to the businesses being on top on google search engine. However we are here to provide some crucial skills to the employees of the company so they can grow with us. Web development services are on upfront because with help of this we can move our business fastly across the world. 
Up2mark is a platform to harness the development of web applications and their management. We are a team of young enthusiasts that maneuver newest technology into every task, be it minute or a mammoth. We situate our expertise in web engineering, web content development, web designing and ventures much beyond these.

For startups and growing businesses, Up2Mark Technologies Pvt. Ltd. company in Ludhiana is an online specialist who can develop a digital marketing plan to help you grow and retain a happy client base.

Your digital marketer consultant will also be able to kick-start campaigns and maximize your marketing budget.
Our Web Designing Services include:
Custom Website Designing

We are one of best professional website design company in Gurgaon in India. Your website is your prospective clients first impression of you and your company. Whether you need a basic website design or a custom e-commerce website, the chances are excellent that Icon Website Design can help you increase your company’s visibility and improve its graphic image. Icon Website Design is a full service provider of custom website design and website programming including lead generating and e-commerce website development.

Small Business Website

A good looking and functional website is crucial for any business, whether it is a small enterprise or a big one. Good website design will boost your brand image and enhance your online presence. As your web design service provider, Up2Mark Technologies will create professional looking, fully featured websites that will communicate, attract visitors.

Up2Mark Technologies strives to provide you with a small business web design to suit your design criteria. With our experience and expertise, we can design a website that is ideal for you and your business.

Our Small Website Design offers includes:

  • Graphics design
  • Website maintenance and updates
  • E-commerce website design
  • Flash integration on website design
  • Website programming
Corporate Website Design

A professional website designing is one that matches the quality and scope of your business.Our team of experts provides you the functionality and user- friendliness to your website.When ever we are designing corporate websites we need to take care of many things like simplicity and readability.

Our Corporate Website Design Service includes:

  • 100% Original designs
  • Expert team of designers
  • Unlimited template concepts
Logo Designing

Our team of experts providing you the professional look to logo’s. Your company logo is the first impression that make to your audience anywhere.

Our Logo Design Services includes:

  • Totally unique logos
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Unlimited logo design revisions
  • Final logo design delivery in multiple formats
Template Designing

From many years, Up2Mark Technologies provide our clients a satisfactory webdesign facility along with template designing. Our experience in web designing has proven that the we are the fastest growing company in Gurgaon in India which provides the web designing at the best.

Brochure Designs

Up2Mark Technologies Gurgaon do best brochure designs whether it is single fold,three fold,book style or complete catalogues designs.Whether you need a flyer design, mailer, sales brochure, tri-fold brochure, branding brochure, booklet, pocket folder, training manual or a catalogue we have the expertise to deliver.

Our team analyze your objectives, commissions the photography, creates the brochure or catalogue design, produces and delivers print ready files beyond your satisfaction in unparalleled turn around time.

Contact us to get brochure design samples.

What You Receive

  • Initial concepts in 3-5 business days
  • Revised concepts in 24 hours
  • Final files provided in Print ready and web use
  • 100% satisfaction
E-commerce Web Designing

With the regular growth of internet, E-commerce has been rise in innovative business models. Up2Mark Technologies provides the E-commerce web designing to its clients inside and outside India through delivery models and latest technological advancements.Our services include High-End ERP Solutions, custom product development and maintenance using a supreme project management experience.

E-commerce Portfolio

Up2Mark Technologies provides offshore software, professional software outsourcing and web site development services. We are an Indian web design company specializing in a variety of services. These include:

  • Accounting solutions
  • Project Management software
  • Application Software
  • Web application (including Google Maps)
  • Home Page Design with associated logos, images, buttons
  • Product Database


Our user-based online shop e-commerce solution features a set of rich and exclusive online functionality that allows clients to set up, begin and maintain online businesses with minimum effort with additional costs, fees or limitations.

  • Complete implementation, design and set-up of shopping cart capabilities
  • Search engine for your site
  • Complete search engine optimization (including meta-tags and site descriptions)
  • Graphic or animated personalized link buttons, links, links page
  • Submission to top search engines, directories, and more
  • Admin control panel
  • Add, edit, delete, move, copy products and categories
  • Update website content
  • Strong search facility
  • Simple to use
  • User friendly shopping cart
  • Multiple image upload per product
2D and 3D Animation

Animation is the sequence of images that display in 2D or 3D network. Up2Mark Technologies is the web designing company in Gurgaon which recognizes the increasing demand for animated amusement.Today animation has been extended to broadcasting hours by the satellite TV and cable and not to forget internet mania.We are providing both 2D and 3D animation services to our clients.

2D Animations

2D animation is the sequences of images displaying one after the other with some speed. 2D animation help us to create events and movements that give the user a down to earth experience. If we are using animation in our projects then we can also give a sound effects to our site.

2D animations includes:

  • Colored Background
  • Key Animations
  • Clean-Up and In-between
  • Post-Production (Professional Voice recording and integration, Music composing
  • Animation Compilation, Special Effects)
  • 2D Animated Movies

3D Animations

3D Animations uses the 3-dimensional representation of geometric data that is stored inside the computer for performing calculations. Algorithms in 3D relates to many algorithms in 2D and also 2D applications may use 3D techniques to achieve some special effects.

3D animation includes:

  • High end picture facilities
  • Dominant work station
  • Superior graphic cards
  • Expert team animators

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