How to Update Portainer to the Latest Version on an Ubuntu Server

Portainer is a popular open-source tool that allows users to manage Docker containers, images, and networks through a web interface. In order to take advantage of the latest features and bug fixes, it is important to keep Portainer up-to-date. Unlike other scripts that has an automatic code update functionality inbuilt, Portainer has to be manually […]

How to Log All MySQL Queries on a CentOS 7 Server for Debugging Purpose

Go to edit the file /etc/my.cnf using any text editor. I use nano so the command for nano is as follows:$ nano /etc/my.cnf Find the text general_log=0 and change it to general_log=1 to turn it on. You can also use general_log=OFF or general_log=ON instead. In case its not present in the file, you can add […]

How to use MySQL Tuner to Improve your Server Database Performance

MySQL Tuner is a versatile script that gives recommendations on improving database related measures from over 300 indicators. You can run the script on your server and based on the recommendations you can resolve some of the issues (if not all) that you might be facing with regards to database. Improve MySQL Performance using these […]


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